Forex Advisory Services

XeOPAR FxSmart

We are a team of professionals with more than 25 years of collective experience in Forex management and Forex trading.

Just like Stock trading, Forex trading also requires intensive research of market, news analysis, Government's proposals and their policies. The cumulative tasks cannot be handled by an individual. XeOPAR, have professionals, who day-in, day-out live their life with Forex market.

As Forex Advisors, we understand the Forex market and global market trends that allows us to advice & guide you how to manage and grow your Forex Investment Portfolio.

key Features

Forex Market research
  • Market research, market analysis and trends through newsletters on weekly and monthly basis
  • Preliminary knowledge of Foreign Exchange and Currencies
  • Understanding the Forex market
  • How to read Forex Graphs & Trends Analysis
  • Trading Platforms & their working as well as monetization
  • Comparison between Indian & Global Trading Platforms
  • How to start Forex Investment
  • How to follow and analyse Forex trends for investment purpose
Forex Trading Platforms
Buy Sell Forex
  • Giving Signals on daily basis as when to buy or sell any currency with weekly 5 -6 swings
  • Analysis of Short -Term Investment vs Long - Term Investment Planning
  • Signals with proper TP and SL with minimum 1:2 risk to reward ratio